Your guide to TikTok trends in 26 letters.

A Authenticity The core of how brands and creators show up on TikTok.
B Behind The Scenes Get up close and behind the curtain to see the magic of how things were made.
C Creator Storytellers are the heart of our platform. From everyday people to major brands, everyone is a creator here.
D Duet Co-create a story side-by-side with anyone’s TikTok.
E Effect Create a new reality, thanks to AR.
F #ForYouPage TikTok’s nearly endless feed of entertainment, tailored by our algorithm to your interests.
G Green Screen Transform the backdrop of your stories with visual effects.
H How To #EduTok is about all the things you wish you’d learned in school.
I Inspiration Here, people come to discover Discover new people, places, and ideas every day.
J Joy Our core mission is to inspire creativity and spark joy.
K Kindness Where everyone is a bestie that’s rooting for you.
L Live Make real-time connections with endless possibilities.
M Main Character Here, you drive the story.
N New Content Regularly Culture moves fast. Keep up with the conversation.
O Overlay Say it without saying it, with text and graphics.
P POV Explore the world from a new perspective.
Q #QueerTok Just one of our many vibrant CommunityToks.
R React React to a creator’s video with one of your own.
S Sound Here, sound is always on, from popular tracks to voiceovers and ASMR.
T #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt This generation’s as seen on TV. TikTok is making people buy.
U Unexpected Endings Keep people guessing until the very end.
V Video Reply to Comment When words just aren’t enough, reply with video.
W Words of Encouragement Positivity reigns here.
X #XYZBCA Leverage hashtags to join community conversations.
Y YoungISH Youthfulness is a state of mind, no matter your age.
Z Zoom Effect Create drama with an expertly timed close-up.